Knowing the Variety of Gold You Should Own

image1_compressedInvesting in gold can be quite a lucrative field to jump into for your future. Gold never gets old and it does appreciate with value in time especially for the more rare gold. You should always be conscious of the gold market when you want to get into this specific realm. Know the different types of gold available from certain countries as well as the type of currency dealt. Maybe you’re more into gold bars, maybe you’re more into more gold coins. At any rate, here’s a variety of gold you should become aware of to make collecting a lot easier.


image2_compressedWhy Should You Buy European Gold Coins?

Variety is the spice of life as cliché as that sounds – it’s true. European gold coins give you a lot of benefits. For example, you can get a 1 ounce gold coin that will be available for buying and selling in smaller amounts. A benefit to this is these typically will be government minted rather than private minted. As a result, they are recognized more internationally. These coins also go up in value due to the historic timeline. The Swiss 20 Franc was minted between 1897 and 1949 by Switzerland’s sole mint. This brings some rarity to your coin. Also, the French Angel coin is supposed to be bring the bearer good luck due to its usage during the French Revolution by Napoleon (in legend). A few other coins include the 20 Schilling gold coin back when Henry VII ruled, the Italian 20 Lira coin, etc. Historic value means a lot more money on the market especially when the demand is high. Keep this in mind when you start collecting gold coins.

image3_compressedAcquiring Top Notch American Gold Coins

American gold coins are also a sound investment for a few reasons. One, the scarcity and demand drives up the price. Also, these coins have very unique features that set it apart from others. The main coin to seek would be the Proof American Eagle. These are one of the most popular gold coin and continue to be a staple in the collecting world. The mining process on these gold coins result in a very sleek and detailed looking coin that really showcases beautiful art. Only limited amount of these coins are struck each year so it’s best to get one as early as possible before they are sold out. Sometimes, these can go years without being minted so that drives up the price more because they can be out of print for a while.

image4_compressedDo Your Research to Find Other Coins

Gold is a great investment, but the silver has a great impact as well. There are historic silver coins that commemorate historic events. For example, you have the Morgan silver coin which represents a time where the Comstock Lode handled a great deal of silver production. Also, there is the Peace silver dollar which represents both World War I and World War II. By seeing what’s valuable between gold and silver coins, you can start creating a lucrative collection.