Consider the aspects while giving to disaster aid

Everyone knows how miserable the disasters are. The natural disasters are always awful and they will change a place and people’s life completely. Number of people will lose their life, family, property and everything in the disasters. The world has seen many such disasters so far. In the time of any natural disaster, the government as well as people from other countries will contribute a lot for the people who are suffering in the disaster. There are some important things that people should know when they are willing to give to something for disaster relief.


Prefer cash rather than others

Generally many people will give clothes, food items or other essential things to the people who are affected. Though they are giving it with a good heart, these things may not helpful for the affected people. It is because the items that people provide have to be transported and in that time, those things may spoil. Hence the items cannot be provided to the people who are suffering. Moreover the organization which takes the responsibility of transporting these items will have to spend more money for this purpose. It will be a waste of effort and money.


Therefore if people provide cash, it will be very helpful to transfer to the responsible organization’s account. Hence the officials can make use of it and do the required things. Sometimes people will use give away their old clothes and things in this situation. Therefore they should avoid such donations.

Support the right organization


In the time of any disaster many organization will collect money from the people for the disaster aid. But most of them will be a fake one and they will not provide the complete amount to the relief. They will utilize the amount for their development. Therefore people need to very careful in this case.

Do not donate to a charity

People will receive many calls from the charities and they will be asked to donate money for the disaster. People must avoid such calls because those charities will not be reliable and they may cheat them by getting money in the name of disaster relief. Therefore when people receive such calls they have to get to know the information about the charity and make sure whether it is really helping people or a fake one.

Consider the less publicized issues


Medias are the major platforms which provide the information about the disasters and the affected areas. But some of the places will not be noticed by the media sources and people suffering there may not get any help. Therefore people have to consider those locations and people and try to help them. This will be very effective for the affected people who are not noticed by anyone. People can find out the organization which is raising funds for those areas and they can provide the amount to those organizations. The places which are noticed by the other people will get more help but the other areas will not get anything. Therefore it will be better than donating to an area which gets lot of funds.